If your idea of a perfect skiing holiday is having everything done for you, meeting fellow Brits at the Monday night 'Icebreaker' pub crawl and eating generic Eurofood at the hotel buffet at the same time every night then we are probably not for you.

However, if you are open to different ideas, we think Lofer and its' surrounding area is perfect for the ski holidays listed.

Salzburg Airport is 30 minutes drive, Innsbruck is 90 and Munich is 2 hours - all on relatively straightforward roads. No sweat inducing cliff drops!

While Alpine Austria is a million miles from your traditional summer beach holiday it  offers a vast array of wonderful experiences for everyone. Average daytime temperature of around 25 C in summer is perfect for both relaxing and active pursuits and has the added benefit of being comfortable for small children.

Lofer has many wonderful local facilities and, if you are willing to travel a little, there are limitless possibilities. From short trips to the beautiful lakes (Salzkammergut) or nearby waterfalls, to overnight stays in Vienna, Verona or Lake Bled you truly are in the centre of Europe.


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